Old or New. Stock to custom. Join our exclusive Mopar Car Club today!

Old or New. Stock to custom. Join our exclusive Mopar Car Club today!

Old or New. Stock to custom. Join our exclusive Mopar Car Club today!Old or New. Stock to custom. Join our exclusive Mopar Car Club today!
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Bylaws of midnight mopars car club

Updated 7/9/19

1. Purpose
2. Officers and Directors
3. Officers' and Directors' Responsibility
4. Holding Office
5. Membership
6. Member Responsibilities
7. Membership Dues
8. Decals and Advertisement
9. Meetings
10. Voting
11. Other Functions and Activities
12. Media and Branding
13. Changes to the Bylaws

(a) To promote the sport and hobby of owning, altering, building, and modifying MOPAR vehicles of both past and present years.
(b) To encourage family participation in such sport and hobby.
(c) To promote friendship, help fellow clubs and organizations by attending their functions, supporting our local communities and charities, as well as and to educate the public concerning the history, legend, repair, building and modifying MOPAR vehicles of both past and present years.

(a) There shall be one (1) or more Directors, each of whom shall also be a voting member and shall collectively be referred to as the Board of Directors.
(b) All Officers shall be elected by a majority of the members present at any annual meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose, and such election shall be certified by the Directors.
(c) The Officers shall consist of the following: Founder, Regional Vice Presidents; State Presidents and State Vice Presidents.

(a) FOUNDER: The Founder will preside over all meetings called for and shall act as an ambassador to any functions or activities held by the club or by any other club in which the Founder is asked to attend. The Founder will seek ways to help build membership, create ideas and help promote and maintain interest by and for its members. The Founder shall meet at least once a quarter with the remaining Officers in person or via video conference.
(b) REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS: The Regional Vice Presidents shall preside over all meetings called for if the Founder is unable to attend. The Regional Vice Presidents, too, shall act as ambassador to any functions the Founder cannot attend, within reason. The Regional Vice Presidents shall also be in charge of all chair committees and report to the Founder as needed. The Regional Vice Presidents shall further be responsible for keeping and updating the membership roster. The Regional Vice Presidents shall also be responsible for instructing the State Presidents to collect any such monies as are necessary and in the best interest of the club in the business of events and meetings (Entry fees, etc).
(d) STATE PRESIDENTS: There shall be only ONE State President per chapter. The State Presidents shall be responsible for keeping and maintaining order at all club meetings and events. The State Presidents shall also be responsible for collecting dues (for events and meetings, if necessary) and for collecting monies for club apparel (if purchased by the Chapter). The State Presidents shall work with the Regional Vice President in keeping the roster current. The State Presidents shall be proactive in building membership.
(c) STATE VICE PRESIDENTS: There shall be up to FOUR State Vice Presidents per chapter. The State Vice Presidents shall be responsible for many duties in the same fashion of the State Presidents. The Vice Presidents shall be proactive in building membership. The Vice Presidents shall be responsible for chapter attendance at meets and events. The Vice Presidents shall work collectively with State Presidents and Regional Vice Presidents to increase public persona and maintain a cohesive brand within the club.

(a) Anyone wanting to hold office of the club may do so by being duly nominated and elected by its members and must have been a member of the club, in good standing, for at least four (4) consecutive months prior to any election. If a member is unable to complete his/her term of office for any reason, a member may be appointed to fill the remainder of the term of office by the remaining officers or by the members upon a call of a special meeting.
(b) Offices shall be held for a term of one (1) year or until their successors are elected and qualified.

(a) Any person, 18 years or older, shall be eligible for membership to the club.
(b) An applicant must have a MOPAR vehicle (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Plymouth, AMC, etc) in order to become a regular member of the club.
(c) An application of any person for membership must be approved by the Founder, Regional Vice President, State President or State Vice President.
(d) A membership is singular in nature and consists of one member over the age of 18 years.
(e) A prospective member is encouraged, but not required, to attend at least one meet or club event prior to their membership in the club. If accepted, the prospective member shall be considered a member of the club.
(f) A prospective member shall only order Prospect Decals until their membership has been upgraded after a two-month probationary period.
(g) A prospective member shall remain active in the club, attending meets and advertising to others their membership by way of Prospect Decals displayed on their vehicle. If the prospective member is not active in chats, promotion of the club or attending meets when available, the prospective member may be dismissed from the club or their probationary period extended.
(h) Prospective members are subject to a criminal history check prior to promotion to full member status. This background check is limited to extreme circumstances including crimes related to children, repetitive DUI convictions, reckless endangerment, etc. The mission of the club is to help sick and abused children. Any persons found to have convictions related to children or extremely derogatory driving records will be dismissed from their prospective member position and denied membership in Midnight Mopars.

(a) Each member will be expected to promote and to take part in a good share of club meetings, activities and functions brought forth.
(1) Any member who has not attended at least one (1) club event within a consecutive three (3) month period shall be placed on "inactive" status. A club member who is inactive loses the right to vote on club matters as well as the right to be further updated on club matters.
(2) A member on inactive status shall be required to attend at least (2) club events within a consecutive six (6) month period in order to have their voting rights in club matters restored as well as the right to receive news and announcements from the club.
(b) Members must operate vehicles in such a manner that it will not cause embarrassment to the club, its officers, or its members. If such a case arises, the offending member may be returned to probationary status or removed from the club.
(c) Any member, while driving and representing the club, shall possess a valid driver's license.
(d) Members shall operate their vehicles in a safe fashion. Exceptions to this rule would be at exhibition or in order to perform demonstrations of the vehicle for club purposes (i.e. competitions).

(a) Decals are your only financial responsibility for membership. Persons who wish to join Midnight Mopars Car Club are required to purchase Prospect Decals to begin their Prospective Membership. Prospect decals are $13.00 (USD) for a set of two and are available in white only. Prospect decals will be displayed on the prospect vehicle for two months before graduation to full member status. Once graduated to full member status, you agree to purchase a Midnight Mopars decal set, customized to colors and materials of your choice. ALL MIDNIGHT MOPARS BRANDED DECALS AND MERCHANDISE ARE AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH CLUB APPROVED VENDORS!
(b) Fundraisers are an integral part of Midnight Mopars. In the event a fundraiser is brought forth by the club, participation is on a voluntary basis. Donations are sometimes taken for club events, sponsorships, charity cases and so forth. You ARE NOT REQUIRED to participate as a condition of your membership.

(a) DECALS SHALL NOT BE ALTERED. No member or prospective member shall cut, remove parts, or alter their club decals in any way.
(b) Prospect decals are only available in sets of two (2) and will only be placed in the following manner: One decal on the front windshield, one on the back windshield OR one decal on each side back window of the vehicle. If you have questions regarding placement, please contact your State Vice President.
(c) Any member found to have altered their Prospect Decals will have their Prospect Period extended by an additional thirty (30) days. Club Members who have completed their prospective period and are found to have altered their member decals shall be placed on a thirty (30) day probationary period. If the member on probation commits any additional infractions of the Bylaws during the probationary period, they will be dismissed from the club accordingly.
(d) Decals are made available ONLY through the Midnight Mopars website and Facebook outlets. If you receive a link to order from ANYONE other than Officers and Appointees listed in the “Contact Us” section of our website (www.MidnightMoparsCarClub.com), please forward the fraudulent information to info@midnightmoparscarclub.com.
(e) All advertisement materials (fliers, business cards, banners, etc) reflecting the name or logo of Midnight Mopars Car Club must be approved by Officers and the Founder before distribution.
(f) The logo, name, and font of Midnight Mopars Car Club shall not be altered or changed in any fashion without express permission from the Founder himself.

(a) Presently, there are no regular meetings of the club, except at events the club plans on attending; however, the club reserves the right to amend this section upon a majority vote of the members.
(b) The annual meeting of the members, for the election of Officers, shall be held on the first Saturday following the seventh of May each year.
(1) A special meeting of the members may be called at any time upon ten (10) days written or electronic notice to the members, at either the direction of the Founder, Regional Vice Presidents or upon a request of two-thirds (66%) of the members.
(2) A quorum of the members shall consist of those members present at any annual, regular or special meeting.
(c) The annual meeting of the Directors shall be held immediately following the close of the members' annual meeting.
(1) A special meeting of the Directors may be called at any time upon ten (10) days written or electronic notice to the Directors, or at the direction of a majority of the Directors.
(2) A quorum of the Directors shall consist of a majority of the Directors.

(a) Voting on all issues at any club meeting shall be by majority vote.

(a) If the club is invited or asked to participate in another club's function, the club shall try, to the best of its ability, to have at least one of its members attend.
(b) When in attendance at such functions or activities, all members are required to represent our organization with respect and in such a manner so as not to embarrass yourselves or any other member.

(a) There shall be ONE Facebook Chat per chapter. There shall be ONE Facebook Group per chapter.
(b) There will be NO Midnight Mopars groups, chats or pages created on any social media platform without the express permission of the Founder.
(c) Officers and those directed by said officers to moderate the groups and pages shall be the only Administrators of these pages, chats and groups.
(d) There shall be no changes to the club logo, fonts or branding without majority approval of Club Officers or the Founder himself. Any media, such as printed media, apparel, decals, etc must meet the approval of the Founder.

(a) These Bylaws may only be changed at the behest of the Founder or with a majority vote of Officers or Directors.

No Club Dues!

Decals are your only financial responsibility to the club. Midnight Mopars uses club decals as the most effective advertisement to grow membership in your local area. The bigger the club in your area, the more family and fun for you! 

Prospect Decals are required for the first two months of membership (your Prospective Period to decide if you like us). Once graduated to Full Membership, you are eligible to purchase your custom full decal set.